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skincare routine and cleanser types

In a previous blog post we wrote about the importance of taking the time to really cleanse our skin, so here is a little list of different cleanses and their uses.

When buying a skin care routine it can be a minefield out there! There are constantly new product launches, new brands appearing and new ‘miracle’ products coming out every other month, and nearly every brand will have their own ‘spin’ on the perfect skin care routine.

So through our experience of being beauty therapists, working with makeup and skincare, personal experience, and hearing and seeing lots of different clients with different routines, genes and skin… here is our advice to you.

Keep it simple.

Your skin needs to be cleaned and moisturised every day twice a day to keep it looking and feeling its best, will benefit from being exfoliated at least once a week, and enjoy a little face mask weekly, fortnightly…or at least once a month.

Then think about all the little extras that can help benefit your skin more… serums, wonder products, brushes etc.

Everyone has different skin, no 2 skin is alike, we all have different flaws, complaints and problems, so not every brand will suit everyone, not every routine will be correct for everyone. You have to know your own skin and know what is best for you, and it can be down to trial and error. We know some ladies who only ever use soap and water and their skin is flawless (Lucky them!!)

When choosing a skin care routine, be aware of how much time you have, how busy you are, and how much time you want to spend on your skin, for example if you are always in a bit of a rush then a 7 step skin care routine will not suit your lifestyle and you will end up wasting half the products and most likely feel like it is more of a chore and a hassle, on the other side if you love indulging that little bit longer on your skin then a 7 step skin care routine will be perfect for you to feel ultimately pampered.

It is down to being honest with yourself and knowing how much time and effort you want to put into your routine.

But if you’re not sure where to start then we suggest investing in a cleanser correct for your skin type, a facial skin exfoliator that you can use at least once to twice a week (some exfoliators you can use on a daily basis, these are much gentler, others will be slightly on the more scrubby side and best to use as directed on the product) and invest in a good day cream and night cream for your skin type. Once you have these basics right and you’re using them regularly and feel they are working for you, then we would suggest looking into any little extra products that can help.

To begin us on our skin care journey here is a list of different cleansers and uses.

The Cream Cleanser – this cleanser is made with added moisturisers within it, these can include vitamins also, while lifting and absorbing impurities and make up on the skin this cleanser also helps to moisturise the skin, leaving it feeling soft without that tight dry feeling, a great cleansing type if you suffer from dry skin. You can apply it with cotton pads, or smooth it onto your face and then use cotton pads to wipe away the excess.

The Gel Cleanser – this cleanser helps to absorb excess oil on the skin while lifting impurities, the lighter lather of this cleanser is more suitable for those with an oilier skin. Gel cleansers generally leave the skin feeling squeaky clean and extra fresh, if your skin is on the drier side this could feel slightly uncomfortable for your skin. With a gel cleanser you would use this with water and gently massage onto your face and then rinse off with water.

The Oil Cleanser – Any skin type can use an oil cleanser, the feeling isn’t for everyone as some people do not like that ‘oily’ feel on their skin, Your skin secretes natural oils on the surface of your skin every day, the idea is that the oil being applied helps lift the dirty old oil that has gathered on the skin, whilst the new fresh oil helps replenish the skin underneath without drying it out and keeps the balance of your skin correct. Oil cleansers are becoming more popular and is a great cleanser if you are looking for more ‘natural’ products

The Foaming Cleanser – these cleanses lather up as you massage them in, lifting impurities and then you rinse them off,  generally with a refreshing 'clean' feel left behind, not as moisturising as a cream cleanser but still a good cleanser for normal to combination/oily skin.

The Misceller water – Miscelles are cleansing agents that form together when put in water, which form crystals which help remove dirt, whilst releasing little pockets of oil to help soften the skin.(this is a very basic explanation) but it is basically a cleanser which is less harsh to the skin while cleansing, as it doesn’t have any added chemicals to it. It is simple, it works, and it cleans the skin, and is fantastic for more sensitive skin types.

The makeup wipe – These cloths have cleansers in them, they are designed more for 'on the go' to carry in your bag when at the gym or for a quick freshen up during the day.  We would never recommend make up wipes as part of a nightly skin care routine, they are great options for when you’re on the go, to keep in your bag or locker.

To cleanse your skin thoroughly we would always recommend doing a light cleanse to first remove the initial make up and impurity build up, then we recommend doing a second cleanse to work on the cleaner skin to help break down any stubborn dirt or make up and leaving the skin feeling cleaner and fresher. We believe you should always give a good few minutes to cleanse your skin on an evening.

We hope you find this useful and that it helps you in the search for your perfect skincare routine!

‘Live in the moment’

Beauty and the Spa

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