Friday, 3 August 2012

Faking it...The Nails....

Acrylic and gel nails are one of the most popular treatments out there in the beauty world, People love there nails looking long healthy and strong, and faking it is one of the most easiest ways to do it!
Beauty and the Spa have launched nail extensions this month throughout all of August where you can get beautiful acrylic nails for only £20 or a full set of gel nails for £25!!

To set the record straight though for any of you who have never faked it before..or heard horror stories of what acrylics will do to your natural nail...or for any of you who regularly get your nails done and always get told by friends and family that they wreck your nails...Nail extensions will not harm your natural nail.

Nail extensions are designed to help improve the appearance of your nail. Some people like to get acrylics or gels over the top of there natural nail (a natural nail overlay) to help there nails grow longer, If you are a nail biter then a full set of nail extensions will improve the apperance of your nails especially if you had a special occasion coming up! And just in general long healthy nails will also make you look good and feel confident whatever the situation!
 Fake nails will only wreck your nails if you do not care for them whilst wearing them and dont care for your natural nail once they are removed. If you follow your homecare and aftercare advice then your nail extensions will not harm your natural nail, once they come off your natural nail may feel weakened but will harden once you apply a strenghener and care for the nail.

If you get your acrylic or gel nails removed properly by a professional nail technician then your natural nails will be fine. A good nail technician will also give you the best aftercare advice to care for your nails!
 At Beauty and the Spa we believe in looking and feeling good and always deliver the best aftercare advice for you!

So treat yourself in August and get the best looking nails in town!!