Monday, 4 November 2013

Your Skin And Winter

Those cold harsh winter nights are starting to make an appearance, but don’t let your skin show any signs of winter.

During the winter months your skin has to deal with cold harsh winds, rain and snow, then when you go home the central heating is on all night both with which can be havoc on your skin!

To help your skin through these month here are some reminders...

Make sure you are moisturising your skin daily...Morning and evening

Ensure your daily moisturiser still has a SPF in it to protect against the winter sun

Ensure your night cream is full of vitamins and hydrating properties to heal your skin through the night

 If you can invest in a serum now is the time to do so, serums work deeper down into the surface of skin which means longer benefits for you. They have different properties but a hydrating one would be beneficial for these winter months.

Exfoliation is still important! Rid yourself of dead skins cells so your moisturiser can work on skin that needs it. At least once or twice a week you need to exfoliate, remember your face is more sensitive and delicate then your body so a specific exfoliator is needed (don’t use a body exfoliator on your face it is much too harsh)

Christmas generally means more parties and social gatherings...Which can mean more makeup is applied than normal. Make sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly on an evening before bed, if you are wearing makeup then make sure you cleanse your skin twice to make sure it is clean. Even if you wear no make up a cleanser is still important to clean your skin of pollution, dirt and grime that may have gathered on it that day.

At least once a week apply a face mask, this can be for 10-20 mins or a one you can apply and leave overnight, it will help replenish your skin of loss of moisture and vitamins and leave it feeling plumper, smoother and softer.

As well as external factors affecting your skin internal factors effect it also, to help your skin look its best make sure you are drinking plenty of water and herbal teas, avoid toxins like alcohol, smoking and caffeine, eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, and have a healthy balanced diet.

Skin is for life not just for Christmas!

Sunday, 8 September 2013


An exciting September for Beauty and the Spa this month as Glamours 'October' edition went on Sale.

Page 324 - Newcastle, talk of the Toon.

You will Find us N.15! Beauty and the Spa!

Make an appointment and pay us a visit to feel Glam, Relaxed, Balanced and Calm at our treatment room!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Matrixyl..anti-aging wonder product...?

 Business is Business and skincare and cosmetic companies will always be interested in sales and generating higher sales using unique selling points on there products whilst keeping there customers happy.

 Below is an interesting article though about a wonder product that companies wont advertise is in there product even though it has had proven results!

Makes you wonder what else is in our skincare which they dont tell us about... We put a lot of trust in companies to 'work wonders' and 'help' our skin...but do we ever really think about what is going on it?

A lil something just to make you think on a Monday afternoon! :)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Essential oils and there essential benefits.. You 'V' Cellulite

To everyone who is wanting a lil help in the cellulite department.... this article is a little old but still useful! And this is why at Beauty and the Spa we Love Aromatherapy and what it can do for you!

Watch out soon for some fantastic aromatherapy packages we are creating for Summer!!

Monday, 13 May 2013

NFW 2013

Event Northumbria...Newcastle Fashion weekend...The Zen Den!..

The weekend was filled with Fashion..Beauty and more! There were catwalks, speakers, make overs, Hairdressing, Massages, Nail Painting...the list goes on!

Running from 11-5pm over the 2 days every moment was filled with glamour and fashion! Set across 2 rooms at the university you could chill in the zen den with ourselves along with other Beauty and hair companies like Lush or Skullduggeri..Receiving special offers, discounts and pamperings! .Or go through and have a coffee and cake with the French Oven and watch the stunning catwalk hosted by ' Caryn Franklin and Ollie Locke...Browse the rail upon rail of fashion and accessories! and if that all got to much you could relax and enjoy a cocktail or two!

And that's all just the start of the fashion week! Fringe events are running across all of Newcastle along with Headlining official events each day..and lets not forget the incredible After party that always has celebrity guest appearances! Check out all the events at and Enjoy what the city has to offer!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Newcastle Fashion Week 2013

Its back and bigger then ever!

Newcastle fashion week - 8 days of fashion fuelled events boasting catwalks, parties, shopping promotions and celebrity guests! From 11th May - 18th May 2013!

Events from fat buddah and theatre royal to Fringe events by Urban outfitters and the Baltic, Everyone is joining in this year.

And of course Beauty and the Spa will be there! At Event Northumbria for the fashion weekend 11th - 12th May you will find us at the Zen Den!

Come down and visit us and find out nail trends for the Summer leading into Autumn, enjoy a  taster of treatments and find out what discounts we have on offer!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Friday, 5 April 2013

April Showers...lets brighten up the month!

Easters been and gone, and its likely we all enjoyed ourselves by being naughty and indulging in vast amounts of chocolate and possibly alcohol, we enjoyed our bank holiday time off with having fun with friends and wining and dining ourselves... 

Now its time for a detox! Spring is officially here if you can believe it with the snow and cold weather we have had... but Beauty and the Spa is always prepared and we know that while it may not look like spring the warm weather is it in England or a trip abroad the holiday season is fast approaching and this means the panic of getting 'beach body' ready and feeling great in a bikini!

The time to start this is now! 

To help we have a special offer throughout the month of April... Sit back and indulge in a detoxifying back massage and facial for only £40! This duo of treatments help rid the body of toxins and brighten grey dulling skin, using a blend of detoxifying aromatherapy oils including cypress, rosemary and grapefuit you will leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and detoxed! The therapist will use massage techniques to help aid lymphatic drainage and boost circulation in the skin, helping to slough away dead skin cells and tone tired aching muscles... the facial will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, with puffiness eliminated and a gorgeous glow left on the skin. 

Be Detoxed and on the way to beach body ready in no time!

visit  for all special offers, treatment menu and location.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Eyelash Perms

Inspired by hair perms the eyelash perm was born to help those of us whos eyelashes just dont have that curl and flutter...There are few options for the straight lash..eyelash curlers, individual or strip lashes and obviously the extensive range of mascaras that all offer and promise a curled lash.

These options are short lived though and only last 24 hours or more likely less... mascaras that promise curl are short lived and naturally start to wear off throughout the day, and unless you permantly keep your strip lashes on these will also be coming off and dont disguise poker straight lashes well...and eyelash curlers can eventually weaken your lashes from the continuous pressure the metal or plastic bar places on them day after day it isnt long lasting either.

Here is where the eyelash perm comes in...

 The eyelash perm (also known as eyelash lift) was greatly inspired by hair perms, The perm solution when applied breaks down the protein bonds in the lash hairs and these are reshapen around a roller. You wont come out with ringlets for eye lashes but a beautiful curled lash instead.

This can last up to 6-8 weeks, and is a much longer result then the ones above, A great treatment for busy career woman, outdoorsy types, athletes, mothers, brides, special occasions and anyone else who is busy rushing around and just wants to wake up in the morning and already have gorgeous curled lashes. 

The treatment takes approx 45 minutes (easily fits into a lunch break!) and a patch test is required at least 48 hours before hand, You can then repeat the treatment every 3 months...only 4 times a year makes it a very low maintanence treatment!

A typical eye lash perm treatment will begin with your eye lids and lashes cleansed to remove any make up or oil, a roller is then picked (depending on the size of your lashes) and placed on the eyelid close to the lash root, Your lashes are then fanned out onto the roller making sure there is no overlapping and the perm solution evenly applied over then. Your lashes will then have some plastic film placed over (as heat helps develop the treatment) and left on for up to 15 mins, Then a fixing lotion is applied, again with a plastic film over and left for up to 15 mins. After this the lotions will be removed with a damp pad and a nourishing lotion will be applied and left on for 5 minutes this helps to nourish and soften the lashes. This is then taken off with a cleanser and the roller removed also. You are then left with beautifully curled lashes!

The aftercare is also straight forward - no eye makeup or treatments for 24 hours, refrain from water on the lashes for 24 hours, avoid rubbing or touching your lashes too much and avoid spending too much time in the sunlight straight after the treatment.

A perfect addition to this is 24 hours after the perm have your eyelashes tinted! this darkens the hairs and gives a lovely groomed effect and means you can go mascara free if you wish - excellent choice if you are going away on holiday!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

SS13....she's got the look!

The SS13 catwalks may be over but check the looks they have left us with!!

Pastels and neons are back again! Along with prints and patterns becoming squares and stripes!

If you can't afford the fashion then make yourself picture perfect with Beauty and the spa!

Grab yourself a Audrey 'pink' pedicure with ourself and have a gorgeous pastel pink on your perfectly pedicured feet! (There was lots on legs on show so make sure you have them 'perfect looking pins') , then have some fun glittery neon acrylics on those fingertips! Or go truly fashion inspired with some stripes or squares....mix it up and have both!

We're coming into March now as well so don't underestimate what a monthly mani n pedi can do for you by the time it gets to summer!! Start now and there won't be a frantic rush job when the day comes for the flip flops to make an appearance!!

Become SS13 inspired!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Acrylics are fun!

Jazz up your hands one of the main body parts people look at, judge and inspect!

Rock some glitter and colour! Go a fancy French! Have some jewels or nail art!

Or just have a classic to make your hands look elegant and classy!

Acrylics starting from only twenty pound in February! Last week so don't miss out!

Head to our site for more pampering ideas and remember its nearly Mother's Day!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Nail Polish Revolution!

Gone are the days of sitting waiting for your polish to be ready!...waiting at your usual salon for your nails to dry before you can get on with your day..praying they dont smudge..and that you can make them last longer then a day before the chipping starts!...

Hello Gel Polish.

Gel Polish has completley revolutionised manicures, pedicures and the normal nail enamel! 
Not that we dont love our polishes! the fun colours...easy to apply and take off..the nail art that we can do with them! they will still be around for years to come and stay a classic love for therapists.

But with Gel Polishes you can get straight up after your mani and pedi search through your bag and purse ...put on your favourite shoes and coat and be out the door with no worry of a smudge! all with the added bonus of knowing they will stay glossy and gorgeous for up to 2 weeks!

So if your still a gel polish virgin then we suggest you book an appointment with Beauty and the Spa and try our gorgeous gel polishes for only £15!

We use Ez Flow Trugel polishes, they are 100% gel formula that help strengthens the nail and give an amazing shine that lasts up to 2 weeks.

Give your hands and feet the treat they deserve!