Monday, 4 November 2013

Your Skin And Winter

Those cold harsh winter nights are starting to make an appearance, but don’t let your skin show any signs of winter.

During the winter months your skin has to deal with cold harsh winds, rain and snow, then when you go home the central heating is on all night both with which can be havoc on your skin!

To help your skin through these month here are some reminders...

Make sure you are moisturising your skin daily...Morning and evening

Ensure your daily moisturiser still has a SPF in it to protect against the winter sun

Ensure your night cream is full of vitamins and hydrating properties to heal your skin through the night

 If you can invest in a serum now is the time to do so, serums work deeper down into the surface of skin which means longer benefits for you. They have different properties but a hydrating one would be beneficial for these winter months.

Exfoliation is still important! Rid yourself of dead skins cells so your moisturiser can work on skin that needs it. At least once or twice a week you need to exfoliate, remember your face is more sensitive and delicate then your body so a specific exfoliator is needed (don’t use a body exfoliator on your face it is much too harsh)

Christmas generally means more parties and social gatherings...Which can mean more makeup is applied than normal. Make sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly on an evening before bed, if you are wearing makeup then make sure you cleanse your skin twice to make sure it is clean. Even if you wear no make up a cleanser is still important to clean your skin of pollution, dirt and grime that may have gathered on it that day.

At least once a week apply a face mask, this can be for 10-20 mins or a one you can apply and leave overnight, it will help replenish your skin of loss of moisture and vitamins and leave it feeling plumper, smoother and softer.

As well as external factors affecting your skin internal factors effect it also, to help your skin look its best make sure you are drinking plenty of water and herbal teas, avoid toxins like alcohol, smoking and caffeine, eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, and have a healthy balanced diet.

Skin is for life not just for Christmas!