Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Essential oils and there essential benefits.. You 'V' Cellulite

To everyone who is wanting a lil help in the cellulite department.... this article is a little old but still useful! And this is why at Beauty and the Spa we Love Aromatherapy and what it can do for you!

Watch out soon for some fantastic aromatherapy packages we are creating for Summer!!


Monday, 13 May 2013

NFW 2013

Event Northumbria...Newcastle Fashion weekend...The Zen Den!..

The weekend was filled with Fashion..Beauty and more! There were catwalks, speakers, make overs, Hairdressing, Massages, Nail Painting...the list goes on!

Running from 11-5pm over the 2 days every moment was filled with glamour and fashion! Set across 2 rooms at the university you could chill in the zen den with ourselves along with other Beauty and hair companies like Lush or Skullduggeri..Receiving special offers, discounts and pamperings! .Or go through and have a coffee and cake with the French Oven and watch the stunning catwalk hosted by ' Caryn Franklin and Ollie Locke...Browse the rail upon rail of fashion and accessories! and if that all got to much you could relax and enjoy a cocktail or two!

And that's all just the start of the fashion week! Fringe events are running across all of Newcastle along with Headlining official events each day..and lets not forget the incredible After party that always has celebrity guest appearances! Check out all the events at http://www.getintonewcastle.co.uk/nfw/ and Enjoy what the city has to offer!!