Wednesday, 29 April 2015



Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.” H. Mackay

Time, something which is precious and irreplaceable. The most important investment we can make is in ourselves, our health, our time, our happiness so you must make sure you look after yourself first.

Life gets busy and humans love routines, day in day out we choose to go about our day the way we know how, the way that 'works' for us. But upon reflection is it working? Do you find yourself with not enough time left for you, do you lack enough sleep, have that unfinished project or still haven’t got round to booking that holiday. Are you always saying 'I'd like to but I don't have time'. That line is usually no more than an excuse that you don't want to MAKE time, you are putting other people/things first before yourself which is a mistake.

It's important to organise and manage your time effectively there are many ways to incorporate things within your day, for example, going for a walk on your lunch break, reading work materials, or books on the bus, or applying nail cuticle oil while watching the television. These things may seem small but it allows you to utilise time and do more of what you want but don't think you have time for.

Friends, family, the media, even pets are all demanding our precious time, day in day out we are inundated with requests for a little bit of our time and too often we oblige them requests without thinking about ourselves. We feel bad if we don't give some of our time to someone else its human nature and we are all guilty of it, but maybe it's time to start looking after time and managing it better after all its your time.

There are 1440 minutes in a day, each minute is a minute you will never get back. It's amazing to think we have a specific amount of time we have to spend each day, we can't save, store or keep it we must spend it.

Taking this into account imagine each minute as a credit, every 24 hours you are only given 1440 credits that you must use to live your life, a credit that you can't keep you have to spend. Surely you wouldn't waste a single credit on something you didn't want, you wouldn't want to use credits on arguments, people you don't like, things that are bad for you, so in that case it sounds easy enough. But those credits represent your whole day, you have to use those credits for essentials such as eating, sleeping, drinking as well as brushing your teeth, shopping, work, socialising, showering and so on, now that's a lot of things to do and only 1440 credits to use!

But it does highlight the reality of how little time we have and regardless of how we spend our day that time will pass by. You do only have 1440 minutes a day to live your best possible life, maybe by looking at time in such a way it will make you realise how precious your credits are and how you should use them carefully to achieve what you want without wasting them on things/people that are not making you happy or the most effective use of your time.

Taking time out for yourself is important whether its a few minutes of quiet meditation at the end of the day, a long walk at lunch or an hour long massage it's amazing the difference and clarity it can bring.

One of our favorite ways to relax and enjoy our time is with a massage (of course :-)). A massage is a great way to relax the body and mind, whether you like to vent throughout your treatment to your therapist or lie with your own thoughts drifting to your own place of relaxation that simple hour of indulgence is the perfect moment you to enjoy for yourself. Beneficial for your mind, body and soul. A good use of time!

You are spending some of your precious time now reading this post and I hope it is a reminder to appreciate your time and take control of it, so the next time your phone rings and its 'that' friend or the dogs barking or you feel the urge to press the facebook icon and scroll down the timeline reading about other people's lives, stop, and start living yours. Whether its creating, or building, researching, watching movies or simply lighting some candles running a warm bath do what you enjoy.

Everything we do in life is a choice, we choose what we eat, wear, who we associate ourselves with, how we spend out TIME. It's your choice, its your time, it's precious don't waste it, spend every minute doing exactly what you want to do, whether that's lying on a beach or building an empire spend it on the most important person YOU!

Beauty and the Spa

Monday, 20 April 2015

Water of Life

“Drink plenty of water” we hear ourselves say day after day to clients to help to continue to flush toxins out of the body after a treatment. But the fact is we should be drinking plenty of water anyway not just after a body treatment.

Water is essential for the human body to function. Your body is made up of between 50 – 75% water! The body cannot store water which is why it is so important to drink fresh water regularly as it is essential to our body and metabolic process.

Your body needs around 2-3 liters of water a day but the exact amount you need depends on different factors, your age, health, your diet, your body size, metabolism, environment, activity levels. 

If you don't drink as much water as you should then break that routine starting today, each morning when you awake toast to good health with a glass of water!

Water is essential and the importance of water is clear, below are a few examples why water is so important:

*Water transports nutrients to your cells
*Helps regulate your body temperature
*Helps to eliminate waste toxins
* Helps to maintain the health and integrity of every cell in the body
*Lubricates and cushions joints
*Aids digestion
*Gives moisture to the skin
*Carry’s nutrients and oxygen to the cells

So next time you wake up with a sore throat, dry eyes, slow digestion or have a lack of energy throughout the day grab a glass of water first and notice the different it will make.

Glass of water anyone?

Beauty and the Spa

Friday, 17 April 2015

Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing is what you can replace your general cleanser/make up remover with. The science behind it is that ’like attracts like' and the 'good' oil you are using will help remove the 'bad' oil that’s built up on your face filled with dirt, impurities and makeup.

It is a much more natural alternative then most cleansers on the market to buy, as it is not filled with chemicals and is just the pure oil, Most the oils you can use for oil cleansers are filled with their own vitamins, minerals, and are moisturising.

First of all though before deciding to try this routine be aware that you are putting oil on your skin, some people may have to get used to the feeling, especially as when you wash it off you can still have a slight oily residue left on the skin, some people won’t mind this however if you don’t like having a 'greasy' feel then you may much prefer a micellar water to remove your make up.  Like all skin care routines it is whatever you find and feel most happy with, and feel is working for you.

We have been using the oil cleansing routine since February now to see what difference we would find on our skin, there are a lot of choices out there especially when looking on the internet there is loads of oils to use...all claiming to be the best. We decided to go basic and use just one oil rather than combining a few together, and chose Jojoba, which is known to be a good moisturiser, helps relieve inflammation and can help control the release of sebum on the skin.

The oil cleanse routine - It really is quite simple, take a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand, we used about a 10p piece, rub between your palms to warm the oil and then massage into your skin (eye makeup too!) using a washcloth and warm water gently remove the oil from your skin, you may want to rinse the wash cloth and repeat this step a couple of times to really feel you have removed the majority of the oil. Pat dry and you’re done!

The result? Smooth, blemish free skin...the odd outbreak of a blemish here and there naturally due to hormones, but on a whole makeup has removed thoroughly and skin feels soft and healthy! Like all skin care routines keep it up for about 4-8 weeks to really see the true result as when you change your skincare your skin has to have time to get used to the new routine.

After jojoba oil depending on your skin type you may feel like applying moisturiser or your skin may feel moisturised enough, we went will sweet almond after but only a small amount.

We hope that you enjoy the benefits of oil cleansing and have healthy, smooth and soft skin! :-)