Friday, 17 April 2015

Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing is what you can replace your general cleanser/make up remover with. The science behind it is that ’like attracts like' and the 'good' oil you are using will help remove the 'bad' oil that’s built up on your face filled with dirt, impurities and makeup.

It is a much more natural alternative then most cleansers on the market to buy, as it is not filled with chemicals and is just the pure oil, Most the oils you can use for oil cleansers are filled with their own vitamins, minerals, and are moisturising.

First of all though before deciding to try this routine be aware that you are putting oil on your skin, some people may have to get used to the feeling, especially as when you wash it off you can still have a slight oily residue left on the skin, some people won’t mind this however if you don’t like having a 'greasy' feel then you may much prefer a micellar water to remove your make up.  Like all skin care routines it is whatever you find and feel most happy with, and feel is working for you.

We have been using the oil cleansing routine since February now to see what difference we would find on our skin, there are a lot of choices out there especially when looking on the internet there is loads of oils to use...all claiming to be the best. We decided to go basic and use just one oil rather than combining a few together, and chose Jojoba, which is known to be a good moisturiser, helps relieve inflammation and can help control the release of sebum on the skin.

The oil cleanse routine - It really is quite simple, take a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand, we used about a 10p piece, rub between your palms to warm the oil and then massage into your skin (eye makeup too!) using a washcloth and warm water gently remove the oil from your skin, you may want to rinse the wash cloth and repeat this step a couple of times to really feel you have removed the majority of the oil. Pat dry and you’re done!

The result? Smooth, blemish free skin...the odd outbreak of a blemish here and there naturally due to hormones, but on a whole makeup has removed thoroughly and skin feels soft and healthy! Like all skin care routines keep it up for about 4-8 weeks to really see the true result as when you change your skincare your skin has to have time to get used to the new routine.

After jojoba oil depending on your skin type you may feel like applying moisturiser or your skin may feel moisturised enough, we went will sweet almond after but only a small amount.

We hope that you enjoy the benefits of oil cleansing and have healthy, smooth and soft skin! :-)

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