Friday, 7 September 2012

Tuesday..never going to be the same again....

Tuesdays...not a lot happens on a tuesday.... most of us just think its STILL not even half-way through the week yet!..paperworks piling up already, you still have more then half your days at work to go through...if your a student you may have that awful lecture to go to on tuesday...and then that work to complete...and the weekend seems a loooongg time away...

Lets make Tuesday fun again!!

Beauty and the Spa offer half price on holistic treatments on a tuesday and tanning! That means a relaxing  massage for £20!!! an aromatherapy massage for £22.50!!! or even a spray tan for £10!! you could treat yourself to a reflexology treatment for only £20! or an indian head massage for only £16!!

We even do the essential beauty treatments needed to keep us looking and feeling our best for a discounted price!! fancy a luxury facial for only £25...or a manicure for only £15...

Check out the special offers page at to find the prices for tuesdays and start enjoying your week more!!

Lets make Tuesdays amazing!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Invest in YOU!

Its time to look at investing in yourself...

Looking after your health and well being is greatly overlooked by a lot of people, ok it can be hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym..or work out at eat right and relax more, we live in a world of food...and quick tricks were always in a rush to have instant results and we want it all now..everyone will have there reasons and excuses as to why they havnt started something..Beauty and Holistic treatments are a great start to the beginning of a healthy balanced life and well-being..There not just treats and luxuries like some people look at them to be...They have an instant result of feeling fantastic..and a long term result of benefiting your health, mind and body.

 So the point of this post is to give some benefits into why it is important to invest in yourself. Why those 'treats' and 'luxuries' are so much more and need to start being looked at as a general part of life.

Massage - This treatment has so many benefits to the body and well-being!
Your circulatory system will function better as massage helps to increase the circulation around your body, emphasizing the elimination of metabolic wastes, improving your lymphatic system removing waste and toxins, Massage helps to release endorphins, stretches and elongates muscles, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, improves weak muscles and helps alleviate muscles tension and stiffness, increasing flexibility and durability of muscles and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to muscles. Massage helps to promote better digestion and relieves colic and gas, It breaks up mucus and respiratory discharge in the lungs, stimulates slower breathing. and it allows the body to become relaxed and begin the repairing process. You body and mind will be completely relaxed!

Aromatherapy - This treatment not only has the benefits that massage has to give, but is complimented by having essentials oils as the massage blend that have therapeutic effects, Some oils are very stimulating while others are deeply relaxing, Many oils are antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal, like tea tree helps to enhance the protective function of the skin and is widely used in most skin care products for its benefits, Lavender is deeply relaxing and also aids in healing, helping skin cells regenerate, many of the oils calm and soothe the skin and can also work deeper in the body helping conditions like headaches, IBS and stress whilst boosting the immune system and relieve aches and pains in the muscles. After an aromatherapy massage or facial you will feel deeply relaxed mind and body!

Indian Head Massage - This massage includes the face, scalp, neck and shoulders, its deeply relaxing with amazing benefits, it promotes circulations, releases toxins from tense muscles, increases the supply of oxygen and glucose to brain and muscle tissue, improves the mobility in neck and shoulders, improves lymphatic drainage and even helps condition the hair increasing hair growth!, The massage helps to improve alertness and concentration, releases anxiety and gives relief for mental and emotional tiredness, helps to revitalise and gives a feeling of well-being!

Reflexology - This treatment is all to do with the feet, its a massage on the feet with gentle pressure on areas to bring a state of deep relaxation and stimulate your bodies own healing process, This treatment can help you feel revitalised, boost the immune system, create a stronger body and calmer mind, Reflexology can be adapted to help certain areas of the body and these areas concentrated on to increase healing within the body, This treatment is relaxing, calming and completly beneficial for the body as a whole.

The holistic treatments mentioned above will overall make you feel relaxed, revitalised and fantastic instantly, having these treatments on a regular basis will help your body work to its maximum making it healthy and balanced.

Beauty - having beauty treatments are not always about making yourself look good, a lot of the treatments like manicures and pedicure and facials include massage which have all the benefits of the above massage thats mentioned!
 Beauty treatments although can be looked at as a luxury are also essentials! when you feel you look good your confidence increases, you feel better about yourself..and can go about your day with your head held high!
Manicures and pedicures also help your nails look great and grow to be stronger and healthier
Facials are designed to help your skin look its best, and can be adapted to compliment your needs, so if you have oily or dry skin the products that are used to chosen to help these skin types, if you are worried about aging then the products and massage will be used to help this concern.
Waxing helps keep unwanted hair away for longer, giving people more confidence and saves you time by not having to shave everyday!
Tanning- lots of people feel a lot more confident and happy with some colour on there skin...whether sunkissed or deep bronze a tan always brings more confidence and makes you feel better about yourself
Tinting- having eyelashes and eyebrows tinted can be a life saver for those with very fair hairs and need a deeper colour to show them off more! also fantastic if your into sports and cant wear make up (like swimmers) as an eyelash tint will help show off your eyelashes without mascara running down your cheeks!
Nail enhancements - will always make your hands look amazing to have a set of long healthy nails! or if you were off to a special occasion and fancy having something different on them like some gems to give a lil sparkle to your outfit!

Invest in yourself! it will always be the best investment you will ever do!