Friday, 14 August 2015

Make up Tutorial - Natural everyday make up.

Today we are showing a step by step guide for everyday make up using mostly high street brand make up! We hope you enjoy the tutorial!

1. Make sure your skin is cleansed, moisturised and apply your primer (we used Urban Decay pore perfecting primer)

2. Using a foundation or stippling brush apply your foundation (we used Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Nude) stroke the brush downwards starting from the centre of your face working out.

3. Apply concealor (we used Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser Eye) in a triangle under your eyes and wherever you need a little extra help to cover area of redness or blemishes, blend with with your finger or brush.

 4. Using a brow pencil (we used Barry M Brow wow in light/med) draw a straight line on the bottom of your brow starting midway from the thickest point at the base to the middle of your brow where the natural arch begins and from the arch to the end of your brow

5. Draw another line this time on top of the brow to the tip of the arch, and down the arch to the end of your brow.

6. Fill in using soft feathery stokes, and brush through with a brow brush.

 7. Using a contour brush apply a sweep of bronzer below the jaw line, just under the cheek bone and from the hair line to your forehead. (we used the bronzer and blusher from Urban Decays Naked 'On the run' limited edition case).

8. Blend the bronzer in with your brush so no strong lines can be seen - it should look natural and flawless with your skin

9. Apply blusher using a blusher brush onto the apples of the cheeks and stroke upwards

                                        10. Using a flat brush gently buff your skin so the powders all blend well.

 We used Urban decays eyeshadows from our 'on the run' case for the next steps, and began by prepping the eye lids with Urban decays eyeshadow primer, to keep the look simple and quick we used our fingers to apply the eyeshadows.

11/12. Using a light cream/pinky shade apply all over the eyelid and brow area.

13/14/15. Using a medium brown apply this colour to the eyelid area only, use your finger to blend the medium brown and cream eyeshadow together.

16/17/18. Using a deeper shade of brown blend this colour into the crease of your eyelid from the corner to midway across the eye, blend with your finger so no harsh lines are shown.

19/20. Using a brown eye pencil (we used Urban Decays 24/7 pencil in 'Stag') apply light feathery strokes onto the base of your eyelid as close to the lashes as possible, from the outercorner to midway.

21. Using the same pencil apply underneath onto the lower eyelid as close to the lashes as possible again from the outer corner to midway. Use your finger and blend the lines so they appear soft with no harsh lines.

22/23/24. Using a white pencil (we used Benefits Eye bright) apply this onto the inner rim of the eye, draw a stroke from the outer eye up to the end of your brow and blend, and apply to the inner corner of the eye and blend. (this will brighten up your eyes and make them appear bigger, Its perfect to 'wake up' tired eyes.

25/26/27. Using a highlighter (we used Barry Ms Radiant Rod, apply to beneath the brow, down the centre of the nose and onto your cupids bow (upper lip where your lips point) and blend. (this will highlight and contour these areas of your face)

28/29. Apply a couple of layers of black mascara (we used Maybellines lash Sensational)When applying masacara to the bottom of your lashes use a zig zag motion, and when applying to the tops stroke the brush down the lashes first then stoke upwards 'pushing' them up. this ensures the mascara completely coats your lashes. Wait a few minutes before applying another caot of mascara for best results.

We prepped our lips with Urban Decays Lip Primer first.

30/31. Using a lip pencil outline your lips and fill in. (we used YSL lip liner in NO.6)

32/33. - Using a lipstick (we used YSL Lip Volupte in No.2) fill in your lips with your chosen colour, blot with a tissue and reapply. (We used a darker lip pencil to lipstick as we blended the 2 together to create our desired colour. As a general rule your lip pencil and lip liner should match. )

34.35. The Finished look!

We hope you enjoyed the tutorial and have fun creating your own Make up Looks ! :-)