Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Nail Polish Revolution!

Gone are the days of sitting waiting for your polish to be ready!...waiting at your usual salon for your nails to dry before you can get on with your day..praying they dont smudge..and that you can make them last longer then a day before the chipping starts!...

Hello Gel Polish.

Gel Polish has completley revolutionised manicures, pedicures and the normal nail enamel! 
Not that we dont love our polishes! the fun colours...easy to apply and take off..the nail art that we can do with them! they will still be around for years to come and stay a classic love for therapists.

But with Gel Polishes you can get straight up after your mani and pedi search through your bag and purse ...put on your favourite shoes and coat and be out the door with no worry of a smudge! all with the added bonus of knowing they will stay glossy and gorgeous for up to 2 weeks!

So if your still a gel polish virgin then we suggest you book an appointment with Beauty and the Spa and try our gorgeous gel polishes for only £15!

We use Ez Flow Trugel polishes, they are 100% gel formula that help strengthens the nail and give an amazing shine that lasts up to 2 weeks.

Give your hands and feet the treat they deserve!

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