Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Eyelash Perms

Inspired by hair perms the eyelash perm was born to help those of us whos eyelashes just dont have that curl and flutter...There are few options for the straight lash..eyelash curlers, individual or strip lashes and obviously the extensive range of mascaras that all offer and promise a curled lash.

These options are short lived though and only last 24 hours or more likely less... mascaras that promise curl are short lived and naturally start to wear off throughout the day, and unless you permantly keep your strip lashes on these will also be coming off and dont disguise poker straight lashes well...and eyelash curlers can eventually weaken your lashes from the continuous pressure the metal or plastic bar places on them day after day it isnt long lasting either.

Here is where the eyelash perm comes in...

 The eyelash perm (also known as eyelash lift) was greatly inspired by hair perms, The perm solution when applied breaks down the protein bonds in the lash hairs and these are reshapen around a roller. You wont come out with ringlets for eye lashes but a beautiful curled lash instead.

This can last up to 6-8 weeks, and is a much longer result then the ones above, A great treatment for busy career woman, outdoorsy types, athletes, mothers, brides, special occasions and anyone else who is busy rushing around and just wants to wake up in the morning and already have gorgeous curled lashes. 

The treatment takes approx 45 minutes (easily fits into a lunch break!) and a patch test is required at least 48 hours before hand, You can then repeat the treatment every 3 months...only 4 times a year makes it a very low maintanence treatment!

A typical eye lash perm treatment will begin with your eye lids and lashes cleansed to remove any make up or oil, a roller is then picked (depending on the size of your lashes) and placed on the eyelid close to the lash root, Your lashes are then fanned out onto the roller making sure there is no overlapping and the perm solution evenly applied over then. Your lashes will then have some plastic film placed over (as heat helps develop the treatment) and left on for up to 15 mins, Then a fixing lotion is applied, again with a plastic film over and left for up to 15 mins. After this the lotions will be removed with a damp pad and a nourishing lotion will be applied and left on for 5 minutes this helps to nourish and soften the lashes. This is then taken off with a cleanser and the roller removed also. You are then left with beautifully curled lashes!

The aftercare is also straight forward - no eye makeup or treatments for 24 hours, refrain from water on the lashes for 24 hours, avoid rubbing or touching your lashes too much and avoid spending too much time in the sunlight straight after the treatment.

A perfect addition to this is 24 hours after the perm have your eyelashes tinted! this darkens the hairs and gives a lovely groomed effect and means you can go mascara free if you wish - excellent choice if you are going away on holiday!

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