Monday, 3 November 2014

Top tip #2 hand and nail help

Your hands go through a lot which is why they show signs of aging first! 

Sun damage, water, cleaning chemicals, using them as tools, using your nails to open things, the cold weather, wind... All these contribute to how your hands and nails look.

Your hands and nails are also what people notice about you, having dirty nails, picked or chewed nails, dry cuticles, overgrown cuticles...these things never look appealing and are not going to make much of an impression! 

To help your hands and nails look there best only takes a few simple steps that take under a minute to do.

Carry around and use a SPF based hand cream, these can now be bought as non greasy and quickly absorbent, every time you wash your hands rub some hand cream into them to stop your hands from drying out, and keep them soft and supple.

Use a cuticle cream or oil every night before you sleep, keep a bottle by your bed and rub some Into your nails before you sleep. Cuticle cream helps keep your cuticles soft, nourished and can help keep them from over growing, the massage action also helps your nails grow faster! 

Use gloves whenever your washing the dishes, gardening or doing DIY work that could damage your hands! If your using cleaning chemicals then wear gloves to stop the chemicals going on your hands and drying them out.

Treat yourself to regular manicures to help your nails and hands look there best! 


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