Monday, 1 December 2014

Facial Cleansing

It’s time for bed...and time to cleanse the makeup off....


And we've all been there... its late, you lost track of time, you stayed out an hour or two later than decided to watch the end of the movie...and now you just want to crawl into bed...generally with the worry of a 7am alarm going off.


So you get in, make the long walk to the bathroom and then…you give your skin the quickest cleanse of its life with the promise that it’s ‘only this once’


The thing is, is that no matter how much you make promises to your skin that you’ll spend longer on it another day, or that you’ll give it a good scrub tomorrow, the layers of foundation, build-up of pollution, dirt and oil that has gathered on your face for the last 17 hours or so…is on your face now. And partially still on your face for the next few hours your sleeping till you shower in the morning.


And we wonder why we are suffering from a breakout or dull and tired looking skin...


To take those few extra minutes (which is nothing when you look at how long you will be asleep or awake for) will make such a difference to your skin! take the time to really work your cleanser into your skin, even use a skin brush and then moisturise it before bed really will give your skin a better chance to help repair and renew itself over night and look brighter, and healthier in the morning.


Just try it!, for the next month (when using a new skincare routine or new products it can take 4-8 weeks for results to show on the skin, as your skin cells renew themselves every 28 days or so) really make a determined effort that no matter how tired you are, how much you need to get to bed just take those few extra minutes to really clean your skin, ensuring all makeup has come off and your skin is squeaky clean before you apply your moisturiser and get into bed.


Let’s see what a difference we see in our skin!


‘Live in the moment’


 Beauty and the Spa

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