Thursday, 5 April 2012

Stone Therapy

Not just a load of old rocks

Stone therapy may conjure up images of rough stones been used to massage your skin however this is not the case at all. A good way to describe it would be to imagine a warm stream of water gliding accross your back, that is the effect of the warm , smooth stones used in today therapies.

Stone therapy is a very relaxing treatment, rooted in ancient therapy practices and used to create balance within the body. Hot basalt and cold marble stones are used by the therapist, with the positioning and temperature of the stones tailored to the individual client. A stone therapy treatment provides a deep massage to the whole body as well as concentrated areas.

Geothermal Therapy

Stone therapy is based upon geothermal therapy, which is the application of either heated or chilled stone to the body for the purpose of changing physiological responses.

The Treatment

A therapist will apply warm, oiled stones in several ways during the treatment. Stones will be placed on the body, delivering heat to concentrated areas and your therapist will massage other areas of the body with more heated stones in comfortable strokes. Cold stones are also useful for muscle injuries as they have a soothing effect.

You can add hot stones to any of our massage treatments to enhance the luxury of the massage. 

We would strongly recommend trying a hot stones treatments, even if you just opt for the add on, which would consist of your regular massage with hot stones added to gain dual benefit.

As with all treatments, a full consultation will be completed with your therapist to ensure that stone therapy is right for you.

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